Ketosis Explained – Ketosis Biochemistry – Ketosis Diet – Ketosis Weight Loss #short

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Ketosis Explained – Ketosis Biochemistry – Ketosis Diet – Ketosis Weight Loss #short – My KETO DIET SECRET –

The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate diet that in medicine is used mainly to treat hard-to-control epilepsy in children. The diet forces the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates.

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Weight Loss – What Is The 5:2 Diet Plan And Is It Right For You?

One diet you may have heard of and now be considering is the 5:2 diet plan. What is it all about and is it right for you? Before starting any diet protocol, it’s important you take some time to figure out why it works and whether it will fit in with your lifestyle. Let’s look closer at what this one is all about…

How to Burn Belly Fat After 40

Body fat is essential for your health and well-being. Fat has an extremely crucial role in hormonal balance, immunity, reproduction, thermal insulation, shock absorption and storage of food energy for use in the lean periods. However, excessive consumption of food and sedentary lifestyle may lead to excessive deposition of body fat.

Weight Loss Tactics

Numerous diets and programs promise quick and easy weight loss. Weight loss goals can be achieved in a healthy manner by following a perfect diet plan combined with exercise. However, to maintain your weight loss for long you need to change your lifestyle and habits permanently.

5 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

Losing weight isn’t as simple as balancing calories in vs calories out. Or eating less and working out more. Our bodies are complex and a lot of factors contribute to weight loss. Factors such as the types of foods you eat, the type and intensity of your workouts, and even your lifestyle. Here are 5 tips you may be overlooking that are keeping you from losing weight…

Can I Lose Weight With Biltong?

Is it possible to lose weight eating biltong? Are you looking for a healthy snack, that will not make you gain weight, and it tastes delicious? Then eat biltong!

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