Low Carb diet, keto breakfast ideas: 35 Recipes


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Low Carb diet, keto breakfast ideas. 20 variations on a keto omelette plus other keto snacks and keto lunch ideas. Please share this video with your friends on Social Media.
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The first one we start with is a basic cheese omelette and the way that you vary that is you that you can add (goat / sheep / cows cheese or / buffalo Mozzarella)
Spinach / Goats Cheese
Smoked Salmon and cream cheese
Asparagus and cream cheese
Cheese and chives
Broccoli and cheese
Ham and feta cheese
Cream cheese and chive
Chorizos & cheese

Without cheese
Chorizo on its own
Mushroom / fine chopped fresh herbs
Mushroom / Peppers /Onion
Aubergine (egg plant) / Onion
Diced chicken / Broccoli
Zucchini / Chilli & Crispi bacon
Avocado / mushroom /onion / chopped peppers
Chopped Ham / onion / chopped green peppers
Chopped spring onion / mushroom /spinach / Zucchini
Bacon and Mushroom
Turkey /peppers/ tomatoes

Chicken, turkey, lamb or beef are not normally considered a breakfast choices, but if you buy them already minced, and mix with the following: spinach, cheese, Broccoli, Onions, Mushroom or tomatoes – either mixed together or individually – can form what I shall term the keto sausage.
You start by frying the meat until fully cooked and the add one or more of the the ingredients: that’s the ( spinach, cheese, Broccoli, Onions, Mushroom or tomatoes) into the pan just at the time the when meat has fully cooked and leave them cooking for a while to bring them up to the same temperature. Then you divide the mixture into sausage sized portions.
At that point I use black pepper, salt, spices to liven them up and give them some flavour similarly I use Chorizos as another ingredient that can spice up the open sausage.
If you batch them .. if you bake or batch them into larger portions you can also freeze them.
Cheese is another ingredient if you don’t have a milk allergy that can be versatile when it comes to spicing up breakfast. For example: spinach or Zucchini and cream cheese alone, with or without the open sausage.
Similarly, if you warm chopped tomatoes and add cheese or cream cheese that can be an interesting choice.
The way that I work these first of all is to add spinach or tomatoes into the pan, warm them and then add the cheese until it melts.
Fish is another food that is often overlooked for breakfast. Kippers or smoked mackerel are a couple of examples that I use.
Now, the aim of these breakfast choices is just to get you thinking outside of the box so you are able to purchase the ingredients in advance and experiment on your own.

0:00 – Simple Keto recipes
0:06 – Keto breakfast recipes
0:32 – Keto lunch
0:44 – Omelettes
1:03 – 20 Keto breakfast ideas
1:20 – Keto breakfast with cheese
1:54 – Omelettes without cheese
2:36 – Open Keto Sausage
2:50 – Keto Snacks
3.50 – Keto meal prep
4:00 – Simple Keto recipes
4:34 – Keto breakfast ideas
4:50 – Keto Meal Prep

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